Body & Face Scrubs

The stock scents in both the body scrub and the face scrub are: tahitian vanilla, lemongrass orange, mango peach salsa, fruity melon, lavender, frankincense lavender, oatmeal milk & honey, cranberry salsa, kalahari melon, energy, white jasmine & pineapple and cucumber melon pear.

Prices for body & face scrubs are $15 for 6 oz and $10 for 3 oz.  The face scrub is 3 oz at $10.

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What’s In Them?

All of the products from Ally’s All Naturals are handmade. No products are produced from a base. Our Scrubs contain Sea salt, glycerin, jojoba oil, aloe extract, beeswax, vitamin e, distilled water and fragrance or essential oil.

Always In Stock Fragrances

The following fragrances are part of our always in stock options available. We can do custom fragrances. Please contact us with your special requests.

  • Tahitian Vanilla
  • Lemongrass Orange
  • Mango Peach Salsa
  • Fruity Melon
  • lavender
  • Frankincense lavender
  • Oatmeal Milk & Honey
  • Cranberry Salsa
  • Kalahari Melon
  • Energy
  • White Jasmine
  • Pineapple and Cucumber Melon Pear.

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